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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


- Transports can be scheduled online with account, or over the phone. Once a transport has been officially scheduled with debit/credit card linked to account. Any charges including mileage, wait time and cancelation may be charged to linked card for specific transport. 

Wait Time 

- Once driver has waited 5 minutes at pick up location, a $1.00/minute charge is applied to transport. 


- Most current and updated prices will always be shown on website, these prices are subject to change with 30-day notice via website main page and or cost estimate page. Once changed after 30-day notice. All new prices are immediately implemented for transports. This includes all transports scheduled before pricing change, as well as all new ones. 

- When Divine Status provides wheelchair for transport. $10.00 "Provide Wheelchair" fee is applied to transport. 

- If address is changed from intial drop-off address once in route or at drop-off location of inital address, a $15.00 "In Route Address Change" fee is applied to transport.

- If Transport is on Holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas) $100.00 Minimum Per One Way is Charged. Basic mileage charges do not apply of $20.00 Base Charge + $3.00 Mile.


- If transports are canceled less than 3 Hours in advance via phone call or website, cancelation fee will be applied in the amount of $35.00. If transports are canceled upon arrival of driver, show up cancelation fee will be applied in the amount of $50.00. 

- If driver has waited over 15 minutes at pick up location, a show up cancelation charge will occur, and another driver will be sent when available. 

Van Cleaning 

- If passenger of Divine Status has an incident that involves professional cleaning of van, such as body secretion of any form, or fluid(s) spilled inside vehicle, a $100.00 clean up fee will be applied to transport. 


- Divine Status is not liable for any natural deaths that could occur inside vehicle at time of transport. 

- If passenger requires emergency assistance while inside vehicle, passenger is taken to closest emergency room immediately and 911 will be called by Divine Status to notify hospital of arrival. 

- Divine Status is not liable for passenger(s) who slip out of wheelchair or stretcher once safely constrained down with seat belt and all four Q‚ÄôSTRAINTS by driver. 

- Drivers at pickup and drop-off may only load and unload client from van, any other assistance from Client by Driver is prohibited.

Last Updated 01/01/2019